Your First Visit

After being greeted by one of our staff, you will be asked to complete a health history form for yourself, or your child (these can be found under ONLINE FORMS). Once completed, your personal examination will begin. Please allow up to one hour for this visit. The exam may include:

  1. Initial Consultation and Health History
  2. A complete Orthopedic and Neurologicial Examination of the Spine
  3. A high-tech computerized neurological test.
  4. Digital Spinal X-Rays (if necessary)

Follow Up Visit:

Once the doctor has had a chance to sit down and study your test results, he will have you back for your “Report of Findings,” during which you will receive a detailed description of your current health situation, as well as a thorough package of information specifically tailored for you. If after going over the findings you decide that you would like to begin care, you will receive your first adjustment on this visit.

The first part of this visit is designed to educate you about how the human body gets well and stays well. It includes a thorough explanation of health and wellness, new scientific research, general x-ray findings, and more. Anyone who was a new patient in the same week as you will be present for this portion of the visit. Rest assured that no personal information is dealt with during this portion of your report.

The second part of this visit includes your specific findings. You will see your test results, including x-rays (if taken). You will understand these results based on what you learned in the first half of your visit.

It is at this point that the doctor will give you more details about your case, what can be done to correct it, how long it will take, and how much it would cost. We answer all of your questions before starting your adjustment schedule.

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