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Posted on 06-25-2018

Professional athletes are constantly practicing the basic skills required to be the best that they can be in their given sport. Hockey players repeatedly practice skating drills; basketball players consistently work on shooting drills; golfers spend hours on end putting; etc.; etc.; etc. The reason that these pros spend all this time working on the basics is because they know that these basic skills are vital in promoting the greatest results when it really matters and the same holds true when we discuss being the healthiest that you can be…don’t overlook the power of the basics. As such, here is a list of general health tips and actions which, when done properly and consistently over time, will help achieve better health and avoid future challenges.

  1. When putting something heavy or awkward into your car or trunk, try putting one foot into the car or trunk first.

  1. You can purchase a low back support from most major department stores or large drug stores (or through my office) if you do a lot of lifting or bending at work or at home.

  1. If you have to stand in one position for any length of time (ironing, doing dishes, work requirements, etc.), put one foot up on something like a small stool or an open cupboard and periodically alternate legs.

  1. Any time you are sitting for an extended period of time such as in a movie, in a class or if you work at a computer station, put something in the small of your back such as a lumbar pillow which can be purchased at most department stores or larger drug stores.

  1. Never sleep on your stomach as this places a significant strain on your low back and neck. Side posture is best or on your back as long as your pillow is not too high.

  1. When raking, vacuuming or shoveling, switch sides as often as you can and if possible, break the whole job up into a number of smaller jobs so you aren’t trying to do it all at one time.

  1. When reading, support your arms and the book possibly using a few pillows so that you are not straining your shoulder muscles or looking too far down. Also avoid reading or watching TV in bed due to the strain placed on your neck and back.

  1. Don’t overlook the importance of proper footwear and the benefit of custom fit orthotics. Proper shoes and inserts can drastically reduce back, hip, knee and foot strain and pain.

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I first heard about Inside Out as a sponsor of the Bolton fall fair. I explained to Dr. Ryan that I was in pain for years and only went for treatment for the pain symptoms and not to prevent them, he invited me to come visit him and since then I have no more pain! I’m learning to improve my quality of life in other areas such as listening to my body and helping it function like god intended it too. Since coming to Inside Out I have learned proper exercising and the advanced seminars taught me how to eat healthier and what my body does with what I give it. If you are a new or old client I suggest you keep going, it will improve your quality of life. Thank you Dr. Ryan for everything you have done for me you are making it possible for me to be walking the beach with my spouse in my 70’s.

Julie M.
Bolton, ON

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