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Posted on 06-11-2018

PhD Neurophysiologist Irvin Korr spent 5 decades of his life studying the spine and it’s direct influence on the nervous system.

In 1976 he published a series of papers, with many references, pointing to the fact that an alteration in a segment or area of the spine absolutely negatively affected nervous system function.

The primary article was titled, “The spinal cord as the organizer of disease process.”

Korr passionately showed that the outside-in approach of glorifying the viscera, which are merely organs designed to maintain the musculoskeletal system (in his view), misunderstands that true nature of the human being.

He enjoyed proving and pointing out that scientists to that time made the common error (in teaching and text books) of showing multitudes of nerve endings travelling to each internal organ, but only a few scant branches connected to the joint and soft tissue mechanoreceptors (muscle spindles, golgi tendon organs) in spinal facets, discs, and muscles attached directly to the vertebrae.  This was backwards.

He was the first to calculate that the musculoskeletal system had 90% of the connections with the nervous system.  That means that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement in the spine! 

Read that last line again!


What do you think happens when your spine is subluxated?

Yes, the spine definitely degenerates faster.


This is the neural connection that explains why so many kids report ‘better grades’ as one of the ‘side effects’ of chiropractic care.

MORE DETAIL:  How does that actually happen:

Korr’s work showed that a vertebral subluxation creates an increased sympathetic tone in the nerve system – the exact same thing that happens when you are MASSIVELY stressed.  The problem is that being subluxated is like being MASSIVELY stressed non-stop.  It creates a cascade of autonomic processes as if the body was being attacked.

The effects: decreased immunity, digestion, fertility, focus attention and energy…  All from one subluxation that is present for greater than 11 days!

“The spinal cord as organizer of disease processes.” Korr IM. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 1976 Sep;76(1):35-45

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