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Posted on 10-18-2017

I was speaking with a patient of mine the other day who asked if I could check her son for subluxation. When I asked if there were any specific problems that she was concerned about, she told me that “his posture is terrible” because he is constantly either on his cell phone or playing on his iPad and she was worried that this would lead to bigger issues later in life. I asked her if she was aware of the stresses and potential damage associated with Text Neck and she informed me that she had never heard this term before. I proceeded to show her the following chart which quantifies the amount of stress placed on the neck in relation to how far forward the head is carried.

As you can see from the image above, by simply moving the head forward only 15 degrees, the relative forces placed on the neck more than doubles. These relative forces continue to increase the farther forward the head is held and at 60 degrees, the relative neck forces are approximately 6X greater than when the head is held neutral. Now extrapolate these increased forces over an extended period of time as the individual continues to be in this posture day after day after day and you can easily see how this can lead to damage and future health problems.

In this age of technology with people being addicted to their cell phones to the degree that they are, and knowing how much stress this poor posture is actually placing on the neck, no wonder this has become such a massive issue. You know it’s bad when it becomes so prevalent that it is given its own name. Text Neck, a major health problem today.

Yours in health,

Dr Darrin

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Julie M.
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